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2022 Degree Pass and Certificate Course 2nd Year Exam Form Fill-up

All concerned are notified that the form fill-up for the 2nd year exam of the 2022 Degree Pass and Certificate Course will be completed by 0111116. The exam date and detailed schedule will be announced promptly. The application form, details form, completion of additional documents, and submission dates are as follows:

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1) The list of potential examinees, subject indication details, question paper requisition form, and data entry software can be obtained from the National University website ( The website will be activated timely, and after the designated data entry period, it will automatically close. Examinees and colleges must complete data entry by the specified time.

2) Dates for student data entry, confirmation, form completion, and submission:

a) Form download period (by students): 27/02/2024 to 21/03/2024
b) Period for colleges to confirm student data: 25/03/2024 to 28/03/2024
c) Sonali Service submission date (by colleges): 04/02/2024 to 04/04/2024
d) Fee details, form, and other documents need to be preserved at the respective college until the completion of the 2nd year exam. There is no need to submit them to the university/regional office.

3) Exam Fee for the 2022 Degree Pass and Certificate Course 2nd Year Exam (per candidate):

a) 2nd Year (700 marks) - Regular/Irregular/Private: Tk. 800/- (Tk. 700/- Exam Fee + Tk. 100/- In-Course Fee)
b) Certificate Course: Tk. 300/- (Tk. 200/- Exam Fee + Tk. 100/- In-Course Fee)
c) Improvement/Grade Development/Irregular (with an additional In-Course Fee of Tk. 100/- per paper): Tk. 300/- per paper
d) For Conditional Promoted (C-Promoted) examinees participating in the next year's exam: Tk. 1000/- (Additional special inclusion fee)

e) Center Fee 4: Tk. 450/-

(Note: Regular/Private and Certificate Course students will pay Tk. 200/- in-course fee at the time of admission every year for the in-course exam.)

The above information should be followed carefully, and further details are available on the National University admission website ( under the (Professional)/Important Notice section.

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